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Get More Done by Doing Just One Thing

You don’t have to do it all every day. You don’t even have to do it all, all the time. You just have to do one thing every time and you will get closer to where you want to be.

But what do I mean by “one thing every time?”

This time last year I launched into a “Have You Lost Your Mind” Challenge. I took the #NaNoWriMo challenge, added in a dash of #BlogLikeCrazy, and stirred in some 30-day challenges just to see what it would take to make me snap.

Apparently, it was none of those things. Instead, on the seventh day of the November, I got hacked. I spent the first few days crying, and the rest of the month scrambling to repair what had been broken.

All of my challenges were dropped and survival took their place.

Facebook is great for reminding me of what I was doing last year . . . or in my case, what I was soon not to be doing.

Before the Facebook shamming this morning, I had planned to simply join in the mania of the National Novel Writing Month. Even though my friend, Javacia, was sharing thoughts on her #BlogLikeCrazy challenge, I was not going to be dragged into another “lost my mind” moment.

But, Facebook made me rethink that idea.

In truth, I had already started moving that way the last few days of October. I knew I could do more and I knew I had to do more if I wanted to get to where I wanted to be – in my home, in my health, in my business. I was the only one that could do it so I had to do it.

So, I started doing one thing. When I would get up to go refill the coffee or take a break, I would do one thing that would move me forward in purpose. When I would sit down at the computer, I would do one intentional and purposeful action for my business before doing anything else.

Just one thing, every time.

How to Tackle One Thing

  • One thing when you get up
  • One thing when you stop
  • One thing when you settle in
  • One thing when you are distracted
  • One thing when you are there
  • One thing when you think about it

It only takes one thing to get one step closer.

You can. Now the real question is will you?

Be blessed,
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