Living the Dream

We are blessed with our health, with our home and especially with our finances.

Few people can walk away from the only steady income a family has and turn out to be more financially blessed because of it. Just a few years back, it would not have been possible. We struggled hard to get to the place where we are and we will continue to crawl and climb until we reach the pinnacle of abundance.

Our struggle was recently recounted in an article In Touch magazine (Dr. Charles Stanley). As I read through it with my husband, it was overwhelming how far we have traveled in the last several years.

Today we are both staying at home. I’m writing full time. He has dreams of starting an Arts Academy. Together we are working the land and making a go of the ‘small farm’ life. We have truly been blessed – but we have worked hard to get to a place where we can receive the blessings.

If you have a dream or a goal and you fill like you are just spinning your wheels, look back in your journal (I know you keep one 😉 ) and see where you were just a few years back. Keep remembering that although you may not be where you want to be right now, you are much farther along than you were yesterday (or last year).

Life will happen. Struggles will show up. Sometimes, right when you get it all together someone will come along and move the middle.

If you aren’t focused on where you are going then you will get lost. If you haven’t grown up your faith and believe in your unique design then you will struggle to find the momentum when the hills become mountains and the mountains become steep.

You have it in you to live your BIG DREAMS if you first define your dreams and then take the purposeful and intentional actions to pursue those dreams.

Abundance is having a plentiful supply. Now that we have broken the debt curse for our family and for our future, we will make it to abundance in every aspect of our lives.

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Never stop remembering where you have journeyed. It will be easy to get tangled up in the traps of the world when you stop remembering the blessings of God. Keep living the dream by holding tight to hope and maintaining your focus.

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The WhiteBoard of World Domination system walks you through the eight things you need to create a foundation plan for living your BIG DREAMS.

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