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Learning to Share Creates Engagement for Growing Relationships

Learning to share takes practice. Share hope and encouragement because the things you share may be what provide the light someone else needs to make it through. The world overflows with darkness, but it only takes a little light to break the hold the darkness has. Be that little bit of light.

But we also have to learn to share our struggles and the lessons coming out of those struggles. We share the dark times but always with the Light as the focus.

Invest in sharing with others to grow up relationships and be connected with others so you can be alert as to what you should share.

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

February 20, 2020

Daily Dash of Twisted Encouragement

Learning to Share Takes Practice and Balance Between Hope and Struggles

Learning to share is something I have to practice. Past experiences taught me that sharing doesn’t always go as planned.

My husband heard me mumble something about a struggle I faced. “I had no idea you struggled,” he responded.

How could he have no idea that I struggled? We all struggle. I stood there with a confused look so he continued. “You never talk about your struggles. Sometimes it would be good to know that you don’t have it all together.”

I laughed. Me, have it all together? I’m pretty sure God was laughing at that one as well.

I tried to explain. “When I struggle, I go first to God.” I went deeper into my explanation with examples of how sharing had caused more harm than help in the past.

It turns out, the things you share have an effect – on you and on those around you when you share. When you are invested in positives and possibilities then you plant seeds of hope and joy and you grow up more positives and possibilities for everyone around.

When you share your struggles and your burdens, sometimes they seed struggles and burdens into the hearts the words encounter. Other times the sharing feeds the struggles and burdens you are baring and they grow heavier.

So, sharing struggles provides a struggle for me on most days. How’s that for irony.

It’s not that I don’t have struggles. I have more struggles than you can shake a stick at. It’s not that I don’t have trials. I’m on trial almost daily – sometimes minute by minute.

The reasons behind my lack of sharing run deeper than not having something to share. I could share, but should I share? Will sharing help the journey or hinder it? Is this the person that needs me to share or am I sharing out of a place of selfish need?

Now, do you see why sharing struggles can cause me to struggle?

Many years ago, I struggled in my relationship with my husband. I loved him. He loved me. We were just in a place where we didn’t like each other very much. The more frustrated he got in his professional situation, the more frustrating things became in the house. The more the frustration built up, the more I struggled to know how to help or to understand what to do.

I shared with someone close to me. He had been a mentor to me and he had helped me grow to a place where we were contemporaries. He shared with me and I shared with him. When I shared about my husband he got visibly mad.

Okay, so the mentor to contemporary was my dad, but we had grown our relationship to a place where we shared from a spiritual point. I knew I could trust him to pray and to respond from a place of prayer.

Or that’s what I thought.

Many years later, we were able to talk about that day and my dad confessed that I was still his daughter and sometimes the flesh feelings demanded attention.

And that was when I realized that sharing everything didn’t help everything or every time. I do share struggles, but with focused intention (like I am trying to do everything now).

On the flip side, I’m quick to share hope and possibility – although I have learned the hard way to read the room on this as well. Not everyone wants to encounter a rainbows and lollipops attitude during the rain.

But I am fast on the draw with a smile. I will reach out and give a hug. I send notes when friends or family come to mind. It doesn’t take much to invest in hope and that investment not only pours over others but stirs up in me the hope and encouragement and possibilities that I’m sharing.

For me, that sharing is easy.

It should be simple, though. We are called to be in a relationship with God and through the relationship with God we are called to be in relationship with each other. Sharing is part of relationship growing.

Dare to share the light and you will light the world.
Dare to share your struggles and your heart connects with a heart.
Find a place of hope and you will be able to share hope and encouragement with others.
Know when to share what to share and you will be all things to all people – including you.

Learning to Share

When we share, we grow up relationships and everything worth doing sits on a foundation of solid relationships. You need to share, but you need to know when and what to share to feed the growth.

  • Did someone ask? If they didn’t ask then don’t share – even if you really, really, REALLY want to share.
  • Is there a victory on the other side? If you share the struggle without a glimmer of hope then it’s complaining.
  • Are you celebrating over someone else’s moment? If your news crowds out what someone else is sharing then hold back. Wait for another time to share your time.
  • Is the other person personally involved? If the person has a personal investment in the situation then find another confidant for sharing.
  • Will it help to share or hurt? If the other person will learn from our sharing then share away. If the other person will learn about someone else, then you are crossing into gossip.

Learning to share will take practice but as you practice you will find more opportunities to share. You will also discover when to share what you want to share. Finally, you’ll figure out how to weigh the value before you share. Sometimes, sharing causing more harm than good. Count the cost and be certain the return on investment will be worth the sharing.

What keeps you from sharing?

Challenge for Intentional Actions

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Learning to Share

Listen to others.
Reveal your heart.
Share to grow.
Weigh the costs.

Sharing allows the hearts to connect. It feeds the seeds of relationships so they can grow up into something stronger and bolder. Find your way to share and practice sharing the words and the moments that grow up hope.

Quote of the Day

“You build relationships when you invest in engagement.” – Kathryn Lang

Take time to invest in others by sharing their journey and yours. When you engage you grow up the relationships that give you the strength to stand through the storms.

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What Others Say

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Deuteronomy 1 – 3
2 Chronicles 33 – 36
Amos 1 – 5
Proverbs 20

Scripture focus - proverb 20:28

Scripture Focus:

“Mercy and truth preserve the king and his throne is upheld by mercy.” – from Proverb 20:28

Ponder Point:

We don’t get to a place of authority on our own and we don’t remain there alone. We rise and we stand in God alone.

Share Moment:

How can you develop the habit of standing in mercy and truth?

Study Question

Dig in deeper to the Word to grow a closer relationship with the Word.

If God tells you, “I have something new planned for you but you have to face your fears if you are ever going to get to what I have for you.”

How would that declaration change your next step?

Bible Study Question - face your fears

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