Having a Joseph Moment

“You can mark my words, something is about to break.”

The beginning of the song stirs my spirit. It reminds me to look for the corner, the break in the clouds, the crack in the door. No matter how bad it feels, the only way that I will fail is if I quit trying.

The last several months have been tough on me and on our family. The last several weeks have only added to the challenge. Amazingly the higher the mountain has looked, the more peace has poured over my husband. Having him walk in peace has elevated me to Cloud Nine!

God has worked amazing things in our life. He experienced some of those moments first-hand. Discouragement took root in his heart and rotted out all of those memories. All that could be seen was the hole.

I tried to encourage him and help him look up to the light shining above. The more I worked to lift up, the harder he seemed to push back down in the hole. I was just making myself tired and him more frustrated.

“You can mark my words, something is about to break.”

The words would hit at the perfect moment. It seemed that God would design the song list so that I could hear the reminder when I was in the car. Faith continued to flourish despite the darkness that it faced.

Many hours were spent praying about and for my husband with little to show for all of my efforts. One day I stopped. Not the praying, but the expectation that HE had to change in order for the circumstances to change. I got a Joseph attitude and began to expect my blessings even in the midst of Egypt.

An amazing thing happened when I took that burden of change off of my husband. He started to change. And as he started to change, the whole sky opened up. Things are happening and they are picking up momentum as they do.

Times can get tough, but you really can mark my words, something is about to break!

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