Tame the Christmas Gremlins

I am full of it.

The Christmas spirit always takes over my thoughts when the weather turns cold and all the leaves have fallen. Sometimes it does it when I turn the calendar to December. Alabama weather does not always cooperate with the holiday season.

The joy and generosity of Christmas lifts my heart and focuses my attention on the right things. Each year the gremlins show up trying to make chaos of the season. It is important to be prepared for their invasion if I am going to come out on the other end still focused on the peace and joy.

3 Tips for Defeating the Christmas Gremlins

    1. Refuse debt – finances are tough for us right now and the immediate thought is to turn to the credit cards to be able to pay for anything or credit of any kind. But the debt gremlin will ruin the festivities, if not immediately then soon after the paper has been thrown aside.

    2. Avoid obligations – EVERYONE wants to have a party during the holidays. Most of us could literally schedule some type of event for almost every day in the month of December. The time gremlin will make you feel guilty if you do and if you don’t. Decide right now to mark off the amount of time that you will spend going and doing and how much needs to be spent at home.

    3. Get beyond traditions – having events and activities that are remembered by the kids is great but should not be the driving force of the holidays. Times will change, interests will change and pretty soon the kids will be IN the parade instead of just sitting along the route collecting candy. The tradition gremlin will try to control the entire holiday schedule but you have to be willing to let it grow and change with your family.

The Christmas spirit comes from a heartset and not a mindset. Getting beyond the way things are expected and focusing on the season will help to keep the Christmas gremlins cuddly and lovable little mogwais.

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