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Learning How to Commit Your Works to God

The real results come when you commit your works to God. That sounds easy, but does it mean what you think it means?

How do you commit your works to God?

“Commit your works to the Lord and your thoughts will be established.”
from Proverbs 16:3

I woke up the other morning determined to do all that I could do “as unto the Lord.” It wouldn’t be about what others were doing (translated: my husband – since he was on vacation). It wouldn’t be about making the next dollar.

It would all be about God and for God.

I lasted until mid-morning when the rest of the house woke up and started lounging around. Their lounging prompted my “break” which lasted for several hours.

At least we spent time together.

I thought I had committed my works to go, but in truth, I had given it lip service instead of heart service.

I needed to dig deeper if commitment was going to be lasting for me.

Strong’s Concordance references “galal” when “commit” is used in the Proverbs quote above. It means to roll or wallow.

I immediately had an image of Oozeball, a sport I first watched when I attended the University of South Alabama.

Oozeball is regulation volleyball in 10 inches of mud. That’s a lot of mud, in case you’re wondering. There is no way to come out of the game without mud on you. You can’t even watch real close without getting some of the mess on you.

When we truly commit our works to God, we roll around in His will and His focus so much that there’s no way it’s not on us. We wallow in His will. We don’t just say, “Hey, God, this is for you.” We live, breathe, and exist in the reality of His design.

It’s all over us – like mud from an Oozeball game.

Strong’s Concordance references the word “ma’aseh” for the “works.”

I’ve always thought of works as a job. In my case, as a stay-at-home mom, homeschooling teacher, and freelance writer, those were my works.

Following that logic, I needed to commit those to God if I wanted to be established.

Is it ever what we think it is, really?

Turns out the word mean: action, transaction, activity, product, property . . . or, to put it plainly, all of it.

If I want to position myself in a place where my thoughts will be established by the Lord then I have to determine to give it all to Him.

Yes, all of it!

How do you commit your works to the Lord? It starts by understanding what it really means. It requires wallowing around in His will so that it covers you up. It means giving it all to Him (and not holding back some parts). It grows up from a heart effort not a word declaration.

Are you ready to commit your works?

Be blessed,

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