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This past week I met with a dozen writers to talk about personality. It turns out that even writers – all in the same general field – have a wide range of personalities. Maybe there is something to this idea of all people are unique.

The challenge was to read the book “Fascinate – How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist” by Sally Hogshead. We were also encouraged to take the test she offers, so I did . . . three times. I also went back and took the Meyers-Briggs personality test.

Although I know these personality tests, aptitude tests, and other similar types of tests do not hold the key to the journey, they do (sometimes) challenge me to see more than what I have been seeing. The results can push me to look deeper or to look beyond.

I encourage you to go take these tests – and share any others you might find. The more in-depth the test, the better. Also, the free ones are my favorites!

Free Personality Test

  • The actual Myers-Briggs assessment will cost you some money, but you can take a test that comes from the same construct HERE.
  • The “How to Fascinate” test will give you some basic information for free. You will have to dig into your wallet to get the in-depth results (although Bethany – from the Writers Chat – said it was well worth it for her).
  • I took the DISC test when I was going through a class in church. I found an online version that gives a basic assesstment for free, but (again) you have to pay for the full test.

Be sure to share your own experiences with personality tests and any links in the comments.

How to Use the Personality Test Results

  1. Gather the information. Create a folder for holding all the results you get from the different tests. Include percentages when possible.
  2. Organize the information. Make a list of the words that come up in the personality tests – from the labels used to the descriptions of those labels.
  3. Arrange the information. Take the words and put them – individually – on index cards (only one word per card). The more the merrier.
  4. Analyze the information. Set the index cards out on a large table. Begin to group the words according to focus or feelings.

These tests are the beginning of unlocking your uniqueness. They are one more tool you can use to help discover your unique place and your purpose. Have fun with them – get others to take them as well (my whole family took the 16 personalities test). While you are having fun, allow the insights help you see more of who you are!

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