Make Actions not Excuses

When you notice it then do it – that is how you get things done”

The advice was handed out by an organizational expert – well meaning, but a little delusional about my life. I am almost certain that this expert did not home school, while working from home, while helping with a sick in-law, while dealing with three boys. If she did then she deserved more than the label of expert, she deserved to be sainted.

I can’t do it. I’ve tried. Just this morning I was working to clean up some long needed cleaning up piles. I started to set a book down that needed to go to another room but reminded myself that if I noticed it needed to be done then I needed to do it.

So I did it, and when I walked into the room to but the book down I noticed that there were things that needed to be done around that room but I wasn’t finished in the other room so I forced myself to walk away and go back to what I was doing. The problem was that when I walked through the kitchen I noticed that the lunch foods had not been put away by my son before he left and the dishes were still in the sink . . . but that first task still needed to be finished.


HOW? How am I supposed to do everything I notice and do what I know I should be doing when I have a tendency to notice everything?

I have no doubts that she was being focused and not literal – that or I have never lived in an organized life – but either way I am making the choice to take her wisdom and apply it to my life in MY way.

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Make Actions Not Excuses

– If I notice something that needs to be done then I do it – unless it keeps me from doing what I am already doing.

– If I notice a project that needs to tackled then I weight the investment required. I do it now if I can complete it without no disruption to my journey now or I add it to my to-do list for another day.

– If I notice something that needs to be done then I allow myself to delegate the job if I am already involved in a different task. Delegation power is one of the reasons we had kids, right?

– If I notice something that needs attention RIGHT NOW then I make time for that something RIGHT NOW. Somethings have to be dealt with in the moment.

– If I notice something that is just an annoyance but that I want done then I have to determine if it is more important to be less annoyed or to accomplish different tasks.

I am prone to noticing a lot of things and if I chase down everything I notice in the moment I notice them then I will never get anything done. I will just chase a lot of noticing.

I am taking the wisdom of the expert and making it my own instead.

Be blessed,

What are some ways you are taking suggestions from the “experts” and tweaking them to work for you? Leave your reply in the section below and let’s work together to build bold lives walking our our unique ways.

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