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Your Results Are In And You Can Win

Results are in, and it’s not what you think.

With every vote counted that should be counted, it turns out the results are up to me.

See, told you it wasn’t what you thought.

With all the hype for the last year, it’s no wonder we’ve come to expect that the results are something else. THEY tell us that THEY have the answer. Trust them.

I confess, I fell into the same compliance coma others around me fell into. Sure, there were days when I woke up to a boldness to stand up to THEY. Some days, I would keep that focus all day. Eventually, the noise would become overwhelming and I would fall back into the compliance coma.

It almost happened today. I had my plan. New opportunities were showing up. And yet, THEY told me none of it matters. I made the intentional choice not to listen, and believe me when it comes to blocking out the noise of THEY you have to be intentional.

The results are in and you have the answer. What will you do with it?

results are in and you win

You are the Results

  • Everything  you dare to dream you can achieve. You are the most important factor.
  • The only thing holding you back is you. When you choose to do it, then you will be positioned to get it done.
  • Nobody but you can live out your purpose. You are designed on purpose and for a purpose, and your purpose is unique to you.
  • You become what you believe. The more you believe in your purpose and design, the bolder you will be in pursuing it.
  • You believe what you feed your heart and mind. Write it down. Rehearse it. Repeat the process unto you know it so deep in your knower that nobody can talk you out of it.

I took time in the middle of the chaos to dig deep into my heart and see what mattered the most. I used what I uncovered to begin mapping out my #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination for 2021.

Because I knew my heart’s desire, I positioned my mind to embrace opportunities that align with that desire and to let go of those offers that don’t.

Despite the results THEY are declaring, I know that embracing my purpose and design will keep me on track to win.

Have you taken time to define your unique purpose?

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You need to know your why and uncover your heartseed to live a life in purpose and on purpose. Take back control of your journey and refuse to allow emotions to rule.

Place in Purpose helps you begin your unique journey one little bit at a time. To learn more or to start unlocking your purpose life, click below.

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