Procrastination – Breaking Up is NOT Hard to Do

Breaking up with procrastination gives me the freedom to walk out my possibilities

The power to live in my potential will never be be found in procrastination – no matter what procrastination tries to tell me.

Procrastination is a liar. I think I probably have known this all along, but I diverted my eyes to avoid being forced to look at the truth head on.

Procrastination says I am just putting off something until the last minute because I do work better with the added pressure. Procrastination says it is too late to get started today, so I need to wait because I won’t be able to get it all done anyway. Procrastination says that it is too cold (or wet, or hot) outside to start right now so I need to wait for the right conditions because the wrong condition will make it even harder to accomplish. Procrastination says I need to finish this television series, this book or this video game so that I can have all of my focus on the job because the distractions will just keep me from moving forward.

Procrastination lies.

Procrastination tells me what it needs to tell me to keep me focused on anything but the possibility of taking action.

Procrastination is a master at creating delusions.

[tweetthis]The reality of procrastination is that none of what it tells me is real[/tweetthis]

Procrastination takes the things that are and weaves a veil of deceit that makes them look like something else. It is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors designed to make me look away from the reality of the moment so I will not see what is really going on.

Ben Franklin has been credited for reminding me to “never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” The problem with procrastination is that I manage to weave a fog around me that makes me think I am not able to do it today. Procrastination clouds the moment with shiny distractions that make me feel like I have to wait.

Procrastination tricks my intention.

6-3-16 life to procrastination
Procrastination causes me to doubt myself, to doubt my moment, or even to doubt my ability. The questions begin to well up and I forget about anything and everything because I am walking in circles of what ifs and if onlys instead of walking straight out into my possibilities.

Want to know one of the biggest ironies of all time – I started this article several weeks ago, but procrastinated finishing it. I found plenty of things to do to keep me from focusing on the article. I made up things to do around the house, around the website, and around town.

Why do now what I can do later because I will be more focused later – right?

Pro – “forward”
Crastinus – “of tomorrow”

Alone – either of these foundational components are good things – I need to be moving forward and I need to be laying a foundation for tomorrow.

Together – procrastination becomes a trap. I invest all of my resources into putting forward and into tomorrow the things that I could accomplish today.

The good news is that I see clearly now – because I know what it is and how it works, I no longer have to be under the power of procrastination.

I have given my official notice – I am breaking up with procrastination for life.

Dare to join me?

Be blessed,

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