A Trio of Inspiration to Ignite Pursuit of Purpose

The inspiration that I invest in today will determine the direction of my tomorrow

Gathering inspiration provides the fuel I need to reach my place of bold living and success. Without a steady flow of inspiration and hope, my momentum slows – or worse, it stops altogether. Finding a trio of encouragers has allowed me to keep my motivational tank overflowing which has pushed me to the next level.

Inspiration #1 – Jeff Goins

    I have been following Jeff on social media for a while now (is it stalking if you lurk around someone on the internet but never engage them face to face?). Before the holidays he posted about a webinar he was hosting. I took a full page of notes and came away from that webinar ready to take on the world. It let me to join his course, Tribe Writers, to push me to the next level. The regular words of encouragement and inspiration he has provided feeds my energy and enthusiasm for this journey. Jeff Goins pushes me to become what I know I am designed to be.

Inspiration #2 – Grant Baldwin

    Jeff Goins introduced me to Grant Baldwin – which is what happens when you are invested in relationships and helping others. The energy that Grant offered poured out even through the computer screen. I immediately knew that I wanted to be connected to him. His passion was contagious. He stirred up my passion to share with others, to help others, and to do more than I was doing. His welcoming spirit and eager willingness to help others (without an expectation of return) inspired me to invest in helping others. Helping others adds more fuel to my encouragement tank so that I have the inspirational fuel to take the next step.

Inspiration #3 – Bryan Harris

    Bryan is another connection created through Jeff Goins. I sat through his webinar that Jeff hosted and then returned to every webinar that Bryan offered for the next few weeks. I would still be sitting through them if they were still happening. Even though he was presenting the same information (the webinars were leading up to a product launch), the method that Bryan presented the information kept bringing me back. I never logged out of one of his webinars without a NEED to take action. He pushed me. He encouraged me. He DARED me. He may be one of the fastest talking Southern boys I have encountered, but it is only because he has so much value to pour out on those willing to listen.

These are some of the people that have recently made a mark in my journey. It is important that I constantly seek ways to stir up my imagination and grow up my learning. The words of others offer some of that or may spark a new possibility that I had not imagined.

Inspiration is necessary – even for someone that is a natural-born encourager, hopesmith, and all around “rainbows and lollipops” kind of gal. Surrounding myself with positive thinking and possibility creating people will keep me filled with the inspiration that will drive me to my success.

Be blessed,


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