Reflections and HOPE

Living in the Temporary

We are living in the temporary. We are not of this world, although we must live in it. Living in the temporary can be a challenge, even when you have the right focus. The good news is that we don’t face it alone.

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Everything changed in a moment. Things that had been were no more. I felt unsettled and off-balance despite my determination to put my best foot forward.

Everything changed over the next few weeks as we moved from short-term temporary to long-term temporary. It was different. It was not my home. I couldn’t find my footing despite the determination to hold tight to hope.

Everything changed this morning. I shifted my focus from the circumstances to the Truth. It is all temporary. We can live our unique design through the temporary or fight the temporary in an attempt to create a delusion of permanence.

No matter the choice, everything changes.

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We have to make the choice to see more than what is presented. We are uniquely designed – each one of us on purpose and for a purpose, and that purpose is more than this world will ever understand.

When we choose to respond to the limits of the world and the dictates of the temporary, we miss out on the Truth. We are called to thrive – despite the world, despite the circumstance, despite what THEY might say.

You will thrive when you determine to be bold and purposefully you while living in the temporary.

My List for Living In the Temporary

    quote - I AM

  • I will make this space my home.
  • I will make a way to record my podcast.
  • I will choose to hear God’s whisper above the shouts of man.
  • I will stop letter others be my excuse.
  • I will because I AM!

What will you do today to begin living in the temporary?

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Quote of the Day

Hope is the foundation for standing in the storm. – Kathryn Lang


Scripture Focus

“It is simple. Fear and reverence God and keep His commandments.” – Ecclesiastes 12:13

Scripture Focus - Ecclesiastes 12:13

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    • Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts! The more we dare to believe in the possible and the more of us that dare to believe the more change we bring to the world.