Is It a Scam?

Freelancers are almost always on their guard when applying for new job postings online. It can be difficult for you to know if the job is for real or if it’s some kind of trick to get your information (or free content). The more experienced you become in the freelance world then the quicker you can be to spot these tricksters without wasting your time or talents.

1. NEVER send money to a website. If you have to pay for the job then just move on to the next one.

2. Avoid signing up for a website – until AFTER you get the job. There are some companies that have a single site where all of their writers come to view jobs but they usually sign you up themselves and then send you access information.

3. Read the full listing, visit the website you will be writing on or for (so you know if it’s content you are comfortable with) and read all the fine print (like terms of agreement).

4. Only send previously sold material (and make a notation that it was used elsewhere – even if it was posted on your own blog) if examples are requested. Use links instead if at all possible.

5. NEVER give out your credit card information in conjunction with a “possible job.”

6. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Take a few minutes to research the company (if they are mentioned) before you apply for a position with that company.

Even following all these suggestions (and being more cautious still) does not guarantee that you will avoid all the scams that fill the internet. Use your best judgment and never do anything that makes you fill uncomfortable and you should be okay.

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