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5 Secrets for Pursuing Your Dream

The tweet promised “5 Secrets for Nurturing Your Dream CLIENTS.” It had my attention up until the last word. I understand that building a successful career will require the growing and nurturing of a base (like those dream clients). It is just that at this moment I, and many of the people around me, are struggling to understand the secrets for nurturing our dreams.

I went searching for the secrets. I knew that others had to have paved the path before me. Somewhere there had to be stories of those that had made the transition from existing to dream living.

The Minimalists was my first stop. Joshua Fields Milburn shared his story of the price of pursuing his dream. My favorite line:

“It meant getting uncomfortable, questioning my stuff and getting rid of my crap.”

First Secret to Pursing Your Dream: Be prepared to be uncomfortable.

Change can make you squirm in your seat. Actually, change is probably designed to do just that. When you start squirming, you eventually stand up. When you stand up, you are just a breath away from moving from where you are to where you want to be.

The next stop was Lifehack (which, by the way, is a great site for getting ideas for productivity, pursuing dreams, and living that life you always desired). Tiffany Mason shared her three pointers for pursuing your dreams – all of which struck a chord in me. My favorite line:

“It takes time, patience and determination.”

Second Secret to Pursuing Your Dream: You have to be willing to invest.

It would be nice, but there is no such thing as an overnight success. Dreams take time to blossom and grow. To blossom and grow they have to be cultivated and tended it. It will require time, energy and focus. Determination will be the foundation that gets you through.

I landed over at Problogger next. When it comes to following dreams, Darren Rowse is the king for many bloggers. He shared some thoughts about chasing dreams (pros and cons). My favorite line:

“You owe it to yourself to chase your dreams – but not at the expense of those around you.”

Third Secret to Pursuing Your Dream: It is not all about you.

Actions affect everyone around us – friends, family, co-workers. Developing a plan to reach your dreams AND thinking it through combined with the wisdom and knowledge of those that will be involved either directly or indirectly – that is what makes it possible to avoid leaving a wake of ruin, destruction and broken relationships.
Pursuing Your Dreams
Prodigal Magazine caught my attention when Jeff Goins shared his thoughts on pursuing his dream. My favorite line:

“What you will feel is contentment, a subtle confirmation that you are headed in the right direction.”

Fourth Secret to Pursuing Your Dream: You are taking a journey.

Dream following is not a destination – it is an adventure that will change and grow and twist and turn and so much more. Those looking for a secure destination might be better off settling into a job.

I continued to look through the offerings the search engine had provided and saw my own face smiling back at me. I shared about how others were guiding me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams down my own unique path. My favorite line:

“I am not required to do anything like anybody else.”

Fifth Secret to Pursuing Your Dream: Your path is unique just as you are unique.

Yes, it is important to learn from others because their wisdom and experience can help prepare the way. Yes, it is important (and valuable) to have others supporting, encouraging and guiding you because we are designed to be in relationships. But yes, no matter how much THEY know or how much THEY may have had their own success, my path will be different from THEY – it might be similar; it might be parallel – it WILL BE DIFFERENT.

It is not complicated, but it is not all that easy. Pursuing a dream takes courage and boldness. Dreams need consist attention and constant focus. Following the path of the dream in an uniquely individual pursuit that requires the encouragement and support of an ally army. And even knowing all of the secrets or part of the secrets are no guarantee that you will still pursue your dream.

It comes down to choice. I can know, but until I do I will be left dreaming.

Are you ready to pursue or do you prefer to continue dreaming?

Be Blessed,


I would love to hear your thoughts, posts or quotes about pursuing your dream. Please share them with me today.

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  • Your first secret resonated.

    Hubby and I are on a journey to realize a dream… I’m constantly reminded that adventure and comfort can not be in the same sentence.

    • I know what you mean Lori, but I am finding that not being in a place of “comfort” is not always the same as being uncomfortable. Sometimes it just means that I am not where I thought I was supposed to be. )

      Thanks for stopping in and for taking the time to comment.