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Keep Going with 4 Simple Tips for Focus

The simple truth for reaching success is to keep going. Success doesn’t hunt you down and tackle you. You can coax success into doing it for you.

You have to take action to make it happen.

We purchased a new to us car and it came with the handy feature of digital displays showing everything from gas mileage rates to oil usage. It even had a handy option for checking the tire pressure without having to get out of the car.

One afternoon, while running late between activities for my son, I stopped at a fast food place to get lunch. While waiting for at the window, that handy little display sent chills down my spine with a low tire pressure warning. It was in red and had an exclamation point.

As we sit, not so patiently, waiting for the food, the gauge kept going down. I was on the verge of panic when she finally handed me the bag with a smile.

I drove straight to a gas station that also had an air pump (not nearly as easy a journey as you might think. Why don’t gas stations have air pumps anymore?). I put my money in and the digital display on the air pump tried to tell me the tire was at the right pressure.

One of the two gadgets was lying and I had no way to prove which it would be.

The car display dropped again.

I decided to try all the tires to see if that might make a difference. It didn’t.

Faced with a lowering tire pressure and the certainty it would eventually set off some alarm, I drove two more blocks to an auto shop.

bolt in tire helps find hope

The guilty tire had somehow accumulated a bolt – a really big bold. It could be fixed and they would have to order a new tire. That meant we were forced to drive home on a donut tire – which is the spare tire that’s really too small for anything but a bicycle.

We made it home, but at a slower speed than should be legal on our road (and the cars behind me made sure I knew it).

A car needs the right tires, at the right pressure, with the right tread, balanced in the right way to make the traveling safe and comfortable.

Your journey also needs your rights if you are going to keep going.

How to Keep Your Wheels Turning

  • Choose the right tires. You can go on the wrong tires, but the ride will be more expensive and not as smooth because the wrong tires eat of more resources. A life focused on the “not right” path or the completely wrong path will eat up your energy, your finances, and your motivation.
  • Check the tread. You want your tires to be healthy. Worn down or worn out tires can be dangerous – for you and for others you may encounter along the way. When you are worn down – either physically or mentally then you put yourself in danger. You can do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, or trip and fall on your face.
  • Create the right balance. Tires out of balance will damage the rest of the vehicle and make the vehicle a challenge to drive. When your life is out of balance, it makes it difficult to get things done and to get things moving.
  • Count the tires. It turns out you need them all for the car to drive – and that little nugget comes from personal experience. When you don’t have all of your tires (health, rest, peace) then you struggle to keep going.

If you are going to get there you have to choose to keep going. If you are going to keep going then you need all the wheels working (and working right) to keep the momentum moving you in the right direction.

It is simple. You have to go to get there. The key is finding and keeping the things you need to keep going.

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