Working for More than Money

My writing drive originated around becoming a published novelist. I could picture myself touring the country, talking on shows and signing books for adoring fans. The most important part of the dream was the large paycheck that would arrive in the account each year.

Money matters. It pays the bills, buys the toys and basically makes the world go around.

The more I dig into a freelance writing career, the more I understand that there has to be more to the pursuit than the money. Pushing towards simple dollar signs will hurt the person and the product.

What Matters More than Money?

    • A name – building up a reputation for words that matter.
    • An opportunity – being part of something bigger that just me.
    • A cause – doing something for someone outside of my own circle.
    • A person – putting my efforts to work for someone other than me.

Today I had the opportunity to take on a new writing direction. The money will not buy my horse farm, but the opportunity is something that meets several of these other points. The added benefit from working for more than money is that as my sphere of influence grows and spreads, so do the opportunities for turning my words into cash.

Money matters, but it should take a back seat in the drive to purpose. We are each so much more than a paycheck. Although bills have to be paid, the ultimate goal must reach beyond the green. There has to be more pushing success than the pursuit of a paycheck or everyone and everything will suffer from the endeavor.

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