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Quote of the Day and Scripture Focus to Practice Diligent Persistence

Quote of the Day

Keep Going. Diligent persistence is one of the most powerful weapons you possess.

Keep going - diligent persistence

Thought of the Day

Diligent Persistence

Develop a habit of diligent persistence.

The only sure fire way to keep from getting to where you want to be is to stop going. When you choose to stop then you choose to give up the possibility living you were designed to walk out.

You can slow down. You can take a break. But the moment you stop you are done.

Jesus tells a parable about a widow coming to complain to a ruler about the people giving her a hard time. The ruler dismisses her. She comes back and she keeps coming back until finally, the ruler does something – not because he owes anything to the woman or cares what the people are doing to her but because it’s the only way he knows to get her to stop.

When you want something deep down in your knower (that place where your heartseed dwells) then refuse to give up or to give in.

Practice diligent persistence.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Make a list of the things, goals, ideas that you dare to dream. On a scale from 1 – 10, how much are you willing to sacrifice to make it happen?

Scripture of the Day

“I will give thanks to God and confide in Him forever. He has delivered me and keeps me safe. I will wait on God.” – from Psalm 52:9

Scripture of the day Psalm 52:9
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