30 Day Challenge to Spring Forward Just One at a Time

For those of you who have talked to me for more than a moment, you know how I feel about “Government Steals the Morning” time (as I prefer to refer to DST). Claiming this spring forward concept is my way of defeating the negatives and finding a positive spin for the situation.

The weather has been crazy, but the signs of Spring are undeniable. The trilliums are up and blooming – which around my house means the frost is done for the season. The tree frogs are perching on the windows at night. And the yellow haze of pollen is making it “interesting” to sit outside – especially if you are wearing black pants.

This change of seasons corresponds with the change that I encountered at the Mountain Valley Writers Conference recently. It wasn’t just a conference. It was an experience – a summit even – where I faced down the only thing standing in my way and declared “no more” right to her face.

I have been pondering what it all means for my journey. I needed to find practical applications for who I am and where I am going and what I am doing. Otherwise, I would end up back in the same ole same ole struggling to know what next and wondering why I was even doing what I was doing.

I looked up at my White Board of World Domination (YOU don’t have a White Board of World Domination? I can help you with that) and realized that almost all of my targets for 2017 involved being a blessing, taking action, and reaching out. I have to be actively doing for others if I am going to hit the target.

I stared out the window at my garden this morning and pondered how many hours I will need to get it “show ready.” I realized that if I would just invest time every single day – up to one hour – then I would be done before the end of the month.

Just one hour. Just one action. Just one step.

[tweetthis]The difference I want for my life happens when I choose “just one” at a time[/tweetthis]

I can have my “show garden.” I can reach my targets. I can walk out the success that I desire. I simply have to choose “just one.”

Join the Spring Forward Challenge

    Pick just one action you will strive to do every day. It doesn’t have to be complicated or even take up a lot of time or energy. Determine the “Just One” and then commit to completing it for every single day in the month of April – that’s just 30 days of focus.

What will be your one thing?

I simplified my White Board of World Domination this year down to four areas of my life – work, writing, stewardship, and health. I was thinking that I will take on “just one” in each category. I looked back at my revelation of my garden and determined that I would give “just one” hour to each category. Just one hour focused on my work journey. Just one hour focused on my writing journey. Just one hour focused on my home. Just one hour focused on my health.

Just one.

It may not get me to all of my goals or it may not move me across all of the finish lines. I do know that “just one” will help me focus on springing forward into all of my possibilities.

Share your “just one” in the comments below.

Be blessed,

Take control and determine your direction

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