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Inspiration Deflation

The last month was amazing for my motivation, consistency and drive. I started September just as determined to do more, to do better and to aim at success. Things are trying to get in the way – and by things I usually mean people (and by people I usually mean family)– and I find that each day I am just a little farther behind and staying up a little later which usually means I get up a little later the next day and am then a little farther behind.

There is a pattern here.

For the last month I posted about my efforts and yall blessed me with support and comments and challenges of your own. It has only taken four days for me to lose that motivation – or for the motivation to slowly seep out of me like a balloon with a tiny hole.

This morning I found the leak and I am doing what I can to plug up the hole. The leak comes from my family and their own lack of motivation but also from that fleshly desire to focus on self (call it procrastination). I can not fix my family BUT I can find some ways to keep their deflation from depleting my own inspiration.

Refilling my Inspiration

    1. Stop expecting anything from others. Yes, as a mother I need to support and encourage my children to do BUT if I bet my day on their follow through then there is always that possibility that I will be disappointed.

    2. Plan on doing all the chores myself. Yes, my husband should pitch in and if he does that is great and saves me time. If he does not help out and I have already planned my day around doing it myself then I will not be disappointed in the outcome.

    3. Get started. Thinking about the things that I have to do will drain me of my energy faster than actually DOING what I have to do and once I get it done I have more energy than when I started anyway so why put it off.

    4. Get it done. No more waiting until after the boys are in bed. Some days they get to sleep early enough for me to accomplish something and other times I am up until my eyes are fuzzy. It is better to get it done while I am fresh.

    5. Find a support system. More than ever I realize how important it is to have someone encouraging me, lifting me up and supporting me in all that I am doing. Thank you for reading and please continue the comments, prayers and thoughts.

    6. Pray, pray and then spend a little time in prayer. The best inspiration and motivation that I will ever find dwells within me right now. I just have to continue to tap into that stream and let it direct my life.

Keep on keeping on – some days I know that I can take on the world and some days I have to be reminded. Today was one of those days where I needed a reminded. Out of the blue I got an inquiry about writing an article that I did not even know I was in the running to write. Thank you, God, for always knowing exactly what I need and thank you for giving me the wisdom to look for your blessings and to accept them as a gift directly from You to me.

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