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How to Create a Habit of Finding Peace

There’s no place where we can’t find peace.

Ha . . . ROFL!

If you’ve ever been caught in the loop of “discussion” that can occur in a house full of opinions then you know that there is a place where you can’t find peace.

You can’t even get away to find peace when you get caught in that loop.

Or that’s what I thought.

The other day I got caught in that loop to the point I had passed dizzy and moved right on to nausea. The conversation exhausted me at a time when I had already been at my limits. Just when I thought it would never end, I received a break – long enough to put my headphones on and listen to some iHeartRadio.

The first song that came on talked about how there was no place where we can’t find peace and I laughed out loud. That laughter was more scoffing than jovial expression. After all, I had been caught in a place of no peace for the last hour.

And yet, all around me were reminders of peace – all I had to do was take a moment and remember.

Jesus said, “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” This quote comes from John 14, but it is repeated throughout the Scriptures –Old Testament and New Testament.

The world will try to keep you from seeing the peace. The enemy will do everything possible to turn your attention to the storms. The noise will pull your focus away from the possibility of peace.

Peace remains but we have to make the choice to find our peace.

Finding Peace

    You find peace when you choose to smile.

    You find peace when you choose to see the blessings.

    You find peace when you share love.

    You find peace when you grow up hope.

    You find peace when you stand in joy.

Peace can be found everywhere and through everything. The key remains in you. You must choose to find peace.

Will you?

Finding Peace

This week’s challenge:

Define peace – what does it look like for you and what does it mean to you. Once you define your peace then begin compiling ways to find peace when the trials and troubles show up.

Be blessed,

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