Compromise with the World

The youth at church were going to a concert this evening. After reviewing the website of the place they were going I decided not to send my crew. There was nothing that was hazardous to their health – per se – but the website left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

There seems to be too much compromise in the church for my taste. It is particularly prevalent with the youth. After all, you have to give them what they want to get them in the door. Forget holding up the bar higher, you have to lower your standards or the program is going to crash.

That just seems wrong. If I remember correctly it is the Holy Spirit that draws people. The best music or most dynamic teacher may get them in the door, but it won’t stick if the Holy Spirit didn’t draw them. If the Holy Spirit is in the place then the rest will just be gravy.

I talked to my oldest son before we canceled the trip. I asked him if he felt like this was the way that Jesus wanted to be advertised (so to speak). He said “no way.” My eleven year old son then asked if he could call his youth leader and explain to her what this group was doing.

We had to have another talk about how our views are not necessarily shared by others. Too many people believe that to get the people in the doors they have to dumb down the message that they are putting out. I just don’t believe that this compromise is the right way – as for me and my house . . .

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