Choose to Change

Choose to Change

No person holds the responsibility for my stumbles or failures but me. I have known most of my life and teach it to my kids, but this morning I woke up with a profound understanding of that concept.

I am where I am right now because of choices I have made and steps I have taken, and not because of any other factor. But this is good news.

No person holds the responsibility for my success but me. I can choose right now to make a change, take a step and make a difference that will reflect positively in my life.

I can get to where I want to be if I take the steps to reach my goal. I have to have a heart to change and a boldness to move. But this is good news – even if it is painful to hear.

I have the ability to change within me – right now! I just have to make the choice to change.

Top Tips to Choose to Change

    1. Start right now. The longer you wait to being the longer you will wait to get there. It is that simple. Change begins now – and it is the only time to make it happen.

    2. Stay positive. Focus on doing something instead of what you should not do. You never stop a habit. Instead, you find a path for replacing that habit. Do something to do better, but focus on doing that something.

    3. Stick to it. Nothing changes until something changes. That means to get to there from here the steps have to continue to be taken. Change happens one step after another, but it still requires that one step to make it happen.

It’s right there. The only thing in the way of my possibilities is “I.” Remove the I and see how simple it becomes to fly into your dreams. Change is simple, but it is not always easy. Choose to change and then begin moving down the path that will lead you to that place you hold deep down in your heart. It is possible. You are responsible.

Are you ready for change?

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