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Stepping Out Beyond My Fears – Answering Questions about Myself on Video

“If you are afraid of doing something then that is probably the very place you need to step next.” I sat in on several chats during the Indierecon event last week, but this one statement stood out for me. I knew I needed to be taking more chances or stepping out beyond my comfort zone. Knowing and doing are very different – I still didn’t step.

This morning I woke to a tag by Carol Marks. She had been tagged by Constance Smith. The challenge was to make a video of me answering 50 random questions.

It never ceases to amaze me how these things work out. The one thing that I have feared doing is posting video. I wanted to wait until I could get the perfect recording equipment. I wanted to put it off until I had the perfect backdrop. I wanted to schedule the perfect time to make it happen. Instead, Carol pushed me into a make it work moment.

I am still not sure if I should love Carol for pushing me – or if I should devise a way to get even. Maybe a little of both, because I owe her a lot for seeing the potential in me and pushing me to get there.

Carol and Constance lead the Alabama Women Bloggers. They are doing a wonderful job of recognizing women bloggers in the community and helping us to grow relationships with one another. In an effort to carry on their endeavors, I am tagging another of the Alabama Women Bloggers, Teri Lynne Underwood. I am excited to learn more about her, about her writing and about her journey.

Continue to build those relationships.

Be blessed,

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