31 Day Challenge – Day 3 is about Consistency

It is NOT getting any easier. If anything it seems all of the elements are conspiring to keep me from staying on target. Determination has settled into my body in a way that goes well beyond anything I have felt in the past. It is not about the outcome but it is about finding a consistency for my life. This is my Mantra for the next 28 days.

It seemed like my regular days would be more conducive to this concept – after all I so follow a some what schedule during the weekdays – work, school, meals, work, sleep. The shocking discovery has been that the more I choose to put others first then the more I have to struggle to keep my focus.

Tips for Unlocking Consistency

    1. Break it down into smaller tasks. I look at the “do chores 1 hour” and realize that if I make the bed here and wash the dishes there that I spread out that hour into 15 minute segments. You would be amazed at what all you can accomplish in just 15 minute spurts.

    2. Remember the goal. This is about consistency. It is easier to be consistent if you do the same task at the same time every day. I’m still struggling with that concept and just trying to be sure that I do all the tasks no matter what time of the day they may fall.

    3. Go with the flow. Depending on other people to pick up the slack created by the 31 Day Challenge just sets me up to be frustrated. It’s great if others do some of the ordinary tasks I do each day but I just have to plan them into my schedule as well.

My list is not a lot to ask of a person. Many of the items are things that I should actually WANT to do each day. They are designed to work together to help me create a balanced mind, body and soul and all totaled they should only eat up about 16 hours of the day.

There is Good News

    1. I have much less stress already.

    2. I have been able to maintain a calm attitude in the face of adversity (in the form of a boy trying to become a man – if you have teenage boys then you know what I mean).

    3. I am already seeing returns in the investments of my time (my article about the Little Prince came about because I set aside time to read for pleasure).

Consistency has been eluding me for the past few years but I am catching on to the way it works. Just do it is about all it comes down to. Getting it done only requires that I make the move to do it. Once I step out the excuses fall out of the way and the path becomes much clearer.

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  • This is also true of tasks at work. I have found myself literally dreading doing certain tasks that are really no big deal, but once the carriage is rolling my momentum carries me through. I find it easier to focus on the task instead of the feelings that doing that task create, but I’m wierd and this may not work for everybody. =)

  • Hi Kathryn –

    I’m on a campaign to produce 2,000 words per day, Monday – Friday and as much as I can manage on Saturday, until my second manuscript is completed. I’ve managed to hold to this schedule. So far, I’m just under 30,000 words.

    Having a goal helps with consistency. My goal is to finish this book. I’ve set deadlines for myself. Since I’m out of work, 2,000 words is realistic at this point. There are days when I don’t feel like writing, but I sit down and write because I want to reach my goal.

    I visited your other blog and enjoyed it. I’ve made it a Favorite. 🙂


    • I’m going to participate in NaNoWriMo this again and actually write something something. I figure all I need to do is write about 1700 words each day. When I am on a roll I can do that in under two hours. There is NO EXCUSE for me not writing more – other than I am not writing more. 😀