Something is About to Break

Things have been moving along these last few weeks. In the last couple of days the momentum has started to pick up. Now would be an easy time to sit back and enjoy, but when things start moving it is important to keep the action going so that you continue to move forward.

Big Happenings for Successful Freelance Writer

    Chip MacGregor, Tiffany Coulter and Jim Rubart announced their new endeavors over at Author Haven. I have had the privilege of being a regular writer over there for the last several months so I feel honored that they chose this site to make their announcement.

    • Successful Freelance Writer has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Freelance Writing sites on the web by JournalismDegree.org. It is one of just six “Writers Writing for Writers” websites that is mentioned in the article.

    • Susan Scott is speaking at the Ultimate Women’s Expo from Cindy Rushton. Susan has been helping to support a school in Haiti and is doing a fundraiser to help that school (it suffered during the earthquake). Susan received one of my free downloads through blogenergizer.com and she emailed me about doing something for the fundraiser. I was able to create a short eBook for her, “Growing Encouragement” that I look forward to growing into a full length eBook and bible study over the next few weeks.

    • I was notified by Gina Conroy that I will be contributing a regular column on encouraging over at the newly designed Writer Interrupted when it launches.

It would be easy to sit back for a few days and take it all in. My mind and body are doing all they can to talk me into that path. The thing that keeps me moving is my bible study. We are going through a devotional that I went through with another group a few years back. I recently discovered my journal from that first time through the study. The stumbles that I find myself writing about today are the same ones that I wrote about back then: procrastination, laziness and selfishness.

It might be easier to sit back, but sitting back does not take me anywhere. I will push myself even harder to do one more thing before I take a break. Now is the time to hunt down new opportunities. When things are moving along it is time to paddle harder and faster to get to where you want to be.

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  • I came over to check out your website when I saw you were talking about the interview with Chip, Jim and I for The Master Seminars.

    I was reading the entire posting and was so encouraged by what you said in the last two paragraphs. I tend to be supercharged spiritually and physically in January of every year. It Feb. it is as if I am sleepier and it is harder to be motivated. I decided this week I’d double down on reading scripture and doing the other things necessary to feed my spirit, because when my spirit is full I tend to accomplish more.

    While The Master Seminars and Writing Career Coach are still in the building stages and at no place where a person could “coast” there are other areas of my writing (like articles) where it is easy to get lazy and complacent. Your blog encouraged me to stop being selfish and use the gift God gave me to push harder.

    Thank you so much for this great word. It was an amazing motivation on this snowy day.

    • Tiffany – thank you so much for you kind words. They served as an inspiration to me to keep on keeping on 😀 (although it would be nice if it were “motivation on a snowy day” for around here). Still, the more that we encourage and motivate each other the more we ARE encouraged and motivated.