Would YOU Buy What You are Selling

Salesmen can be the most annoying animals on the planet – at least those salesman focused on getting their pay day. Successful salesmen know that selling requires two main components:

    1. Confidence in the product.
    2. A genuine desire to help the customer meet his or her need.

Last night I had the blessing of talking with a pastor friend (or is that friend pastor) and sharing the struggles and opportunities that life has been presenting. The talk went around fear and faith and grace before landing on hope and love.

The church will never present an event, a service or music that will draw people into a relationship with Christ. The only way anyone comes to know Christ is by being drawn by the Holy Spirit. The fancy electronics, cool band or special speakers are all the gravy. The Holy Spirit is the only meat that matters to those who want to meet Christ.

This brings me back to the thoughts on salesmanship. People come to a church because they hear a buzz about something that is going on or they see a difference in the lives of the people that are attending. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is the calling card that will fill the pews of a church.

What kind of fruits do you present? Would you be willing to buy what you are selling?

The church needs to spend more time developing a knowledge of the Product and establishing that knowledge as Faith and Belief in their hearts. After the heart issue is resolved then there will be a genuine concern to help others instead of wondering about what is in it for me. That change of focus will pour out as love to others that venture near.

Once the fruit starts showing, there will be people that want to partake.

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