Two Sides to Every Situation

No matter what the circumstances may look like – no matter how cloudy the skies, how messed up the schedule or how many problems try to make it seem different – today WILL be a good day. It’s not about my situation (although everything I have faced this morning would be a reasonable excuse for most people). It’s not about what other people (or machines) are or are not doing. My day is a reflection of my attitude and I am going to find the silver lining.

The Negative: I’ve been up since 3 am and still haven’t gotten word one done on any of my work. Both (get that?) of the computers have decided to call it a day. So I’ve been spending the morning trying to get a computer to work.

The Positive: Today I had the chance to learn a lot about trouble shooting my computers and the difference between hardware components and software components.

The Negative: I have 100 items due next week and one less day to work on them.

The Positive: I have 100 items due next week and I’m getting paid for everyone of them.

The Negative: The cable intallation team says I’m still not serviceable even though we paid (out the nose) specifically to BE serviceable. Since there is no way to contact the local office directly I get to drive the 70 mile round trip yet again.

The Positive: I had a nice conversation with the office ladies and the engineer, they gave me a discount and worked out the situation and I got to visit with a couple of friends when I stopped in at the store on the way home.

The Negative: If it could go wrong this morning then it probably did. I got up early, got no work done and still need my computers fixed and my cable run.

The Positive: My children got to see me keep my cool no matter what was thrown at me. “How do you stay so calm right now?” I just smiled and told them that it was definitely a God thing.

There is another side, no matter how dark or grim things might look or feel. It takes practice, but you really can learn to make lemonade when life throws you lemons (and if you don’t like lemonade then just open a store and make a fortune from your misfortune).

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