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Taking the Chance with Hope

The morning started the same as any morning. The first thing I did online was launch my analytics. I needed to know how many people had been to the site. I needed to have that boost – of ego or visits, I am still not sure.

While the program loaded, I scanned the news stories highlighted by the browser. Three or four caught my attention and I opened them in additional windows. While these stories loaded, I scanned my Facebook feed.

Had my posts gone viral? Had I sold my 2 million books? Had everyone focused on me while I slept?

The first story talked about a woman that bought groceries for someone stealing food for her kids instead of taking her to jail. The story was interesting, but the comments below said so much more. Comment after comment talked about how people were reaching out to help others.

I left the news story feeling so much better about the world and about my life – and I realized it was because I had received some hope. Hope makes everything a little better.

Paige hit me with my next rainbow moment. She pointed out on her Facebook feed that it will only get better when I begin my day looking for ways to make it better. She reminded me to go out and make a little hope in the lives of others – because hope makes everything a little better, for the giver and the receiver.

Tony Marino’s morning radio program started, and he reminded me to be an encourager – “Go out and give a little love.”

I saw the pattern. I caught on. My thoughts and my questions began to shift. I decided instead of looking for what others had done for me, I would set out to do something for others.

Tips for Being an Online Encourager

    – Visit the blogs, websites and feeds of those in your circle, that you have friend or that you have connected with on a Social Media. See what others are doing so that you can honestly comment on what they are doing.

    – Take one day a week and do no self promoting. Promote others. Offer words of encouragement. Share a little hope. It will help you remember that it is not all about you.

    – Make use of those little buttons on the post or picture. Many sites have made it simple to share through your social media – so share!

    – Engage and support. Liking is great. Sharing is great. But tell others (and the original poster) WHY you shared. A few words about the importance of that particular item will add to the support of the like or share.

The more that I am willing to do for others, the more I do for my own life. Hope works that way. When I do for others, not with expectation of return but out of genuine desire to do for others, then that gift of giving grows in my own heart as hope. Hope makes everything a little better.

See beyond the moment. See past the self of it all. See the chance to grow hope and watch it change your world when you begin to take the chance.

Be blessed,


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