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3 Tips Offer Insight for Growing Hope and Encouragement

Be grateful for the blessings that surround you every moment. A focus on the gratitude will make way for more possibilities to flow through.

Several years ago, I stumbled over a Google+ broadcast called, “The Strategist.” I appreciated the wit of the guy, and his willingness to help when you asked questions. I reached out about my desire to do radio, and he overwhelmed me with information.

I am grateful for Tony Marino, and for Alive in Christ Radio Network, which now features the #GrowingHOPE broadcast. His insights and tips have helped me step out more every day.

Tony dares me to do more than I’m doing now. It is almost like he has a sixth sense when I slow down or slack off and he sends me a note, a text, or gives me a call. He believes that I can do more and be more – but he also knows that I have to believe it and then I have to do it.

Last week, I started mulling around the idea of doing additional shows – maybe even some with live streaming. I told Keith that we needed to do a full “He Said/She Said” show and I even went so far as to grab up the domain name.

And then Tony called. He challenged me to take #GrowingHOPE to the next level. He shared his thoughts about where to go. My mind was already off and running where I wanted to go. I missed the hour show I used to do with fun segments and interviews. I wanted to get back to the fun of it without losing the meat of #GrowingHOPE.

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A few weeks back, my oldest son sat me down and told me to keep me in all that I do. “Just be you.” He doesn’t like to admit it – especially not to me – but humor is part of me. I slowed down this week to look back at what has worked in the #GrowingHOPE journey and also where I am going with the ministry.

Learning from Looking Back

  • Have fun. If you aren’t having fun then you will get burned out. It doesn’t have to be a party every day, but it should bring a smile to your face on most days.

    Most days I am excited at the chance to do the #GrowingHOPE broadcast. It is the times when I have fallen into a rut of “same ole same ole” that I struggle to keep going.

  • Remember the best parts and repeat those. We are often taught that we need to work on our weaknesses, but I say shore up your strengths first.

    I loved having the opportunity to interview people – to learn about the journey they were on and to hear what encouragement and hope they had to share. I have missed that chance at engagement.
  • Look for ways to incorporate (or re-purpose) what was working with what is working. The more ways you can manage your content or products the more opportunities you will be able to create with the same (or similar) work. Instead of working harder – work smarter.

    I have found that writing out a script for the show makes it easy to turn the points and ideas into eBooks and print books. I was worried that a variety show might lose that repurposing opportunity until I sat down and worked out a schedule that would fit it all in.

Taking time to review the journey keeps me from making the same mistakes I have made in the past. It also allows me to better utilize the successes that I have had in the past as well.

Too often I remember to correct my mistakes, but I miss out on honoring the wins.

Take time to remember and correct the mistakes – but give equal time to honoring the wins Click To Tweet

Be alert and aware of what stirs around you. Unexpected annoyances (like Tony’s well-placed messages) may be promptings in disguise. Relish in the little things. Take a moment to be grateful in those moments and for the big blessings that surround you every day.

A heart of gratitude will begin to open a world of opportunities.

Be blessed,
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Do you ever have those revelations when you are reviewing your journey? How do you make them work for you moving forward?

Share your story

I need your help to lift the #GrowingHOPE broadcast to this new height. We all have a story of hope and encouragement that can lift up and grow up the hearts of others. We just need to take a moment and share it out.

Are your ready to share your story of encouragement and hope? Have you written a book, recorded a song, or had an experience you know will lift up the heart of another if shared?

Let’s talk.

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