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Diligence and Persistence Create Mountain Moving Momentum

Diligence and persistence will get you through all that life might throw at you because life will throw things at you – twists, turns, ups, downs, and sometimes brick walls . . . that move to make sure they get you.

Reflections for April 4th, 2022

Diligence and persistence push through the most challenging barriers around. They are go words. They demand action. They command attention.

They are also easy to avoid if you practice hard enough. And I have been practicing. Over the last couple of years, I’ve practiced harder than I think I’ve ever practiced in my life because it was easy.

It was easy because there was so much going on that I could ignore the fact that I wasn’t doing what I knew I needed to be doing.

It was easy because things were so unsettled that one more thing out of place wouldn’t be noticed.

It was easy because there were no accountability partners around to call me out.

When you are on your own in the diligence and persistence journey, it can be easy to fall into a ditch (or to hide there, depending on your goals at the moment).

In an attempt to regain some traction in the diligence and persistence arenas, I’ve committed to being intentional. INTENTIONAL is my anchor word for 2022 – and I’m even able to set it up on the #WhiteBoardofWorldDomination for the first time since 2020 (that’s a win, right?).

Over the last two weeks, I have (mostly) been intentional about what I’ve read, said, and eaten – mostly. And over the last two weeks, I’ve moved farther along on my BIG DREAM goals than the rest of the 1st quarter combined.

So, there’s something to be said for the power of diligence and persistence, but they won’t happen accidentally. You have to be intentional to push that power to play.

Power of Diligence and Persistence

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipotent.

– Calvin Coolidge
Diligence and Persistence quote from Calvin Coolidge

I started harnessing the power of diligence and persistence from an early age. Press on was more than a mantra, it was second nature for me. I knew that once I determined I could, and I really wanted to, then I would – as long as I kept on keeping on. 

According to Coolidge, persistence and diligence are all-powerful. That is to say, nothing can stand in their way. It won’t stop things from tying, but when you are determined to get there and don’t stop until you will, then you do.

How to Grow Diligence

Practice Doing It

Practice makes for a diligent life. You have to do it until you do it without thinking about it. When it becomes a part of you then you won’t be talked out of it. I didn’t make my bed every day until I made my bed every day. I didn’t check my social media every day (and lived for many years not feeling the need) until I started checking my social every day. You will get what you practice.

Choose Your Diligence Wisely

Don’t commit to every little thing that comes along. All you do is give the enemy fuel to taunt you with how you can’t do it when you choose something you never desired in the first place – or maybe something you felt wasn’t quite right for you. Measure the cost, weigh the desire, and then commit to the diligent pursuit.

Keep Going

You won’t get there if stop in your journey. The key to diligence is having a heart willing to keep going even when the going is crowded with the naysayers and the cantdoers. The moment you stop, you not only have to overcome those negatives, but you have to overcome the gravitational force of stopped. Keep your momentum by finding some way (even a little bit) to keep going.

Empowering Persistence

Be Purpose Focused

When you know your why, then others will have a hard time talking out of doing that it takes to make that why happen (even you). Have taken time to lock into your unique purpose and design?

Remain on Target Even When Others Give Up

Do you remember those contests where the last person with a hand on the car would win the new car? That takes persistence. You need to put your hand on your target and remain there no matter what else happens around you.

Allow for a Break

Take a few days, a few hours, or just a few moments throughout the journey to rest and recharge. Sometimes this happens with the help of a friend calling and making you laugh. Other times it comes from a song or a television show. And still other times, it takes a full-blown vacation to make it happen. Even the car contests took breaks, so be as kind to yourself as those car dealerships were to the contestants.

Remember the LIttle Bits

Persistence runs a marathon one step at a time. BIG DREAM goals are reached one little bit at a time. You get there as long as you keep doing it takes to get there. Even if it’s only one word, keep putting one word down until you’ve written your book.

Diligence and Persistence will move mountains. Persistence points to your purpose. Diligence keeps you moving until that purpose is fulfilled. If you want to live a radical life, then be actively invested in diligence and persistence.

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  • I love the Coolidge quote. I use it often to remind myself to persist. It is one thing that only I can control, and I do myself a disservice when I fail to control what I can for my greater good. Love the great reminders you always provide with your posts. Keep up the great work.