Creating Writing Opportunities

Developing a writing career comes about in similar ways to developing any career. You have to be willing to expand your talents, present your talents and pursue opportunities with boldness to fulfill those talents. Writing opportunities seem to be endless in the online community but finding writing opportunities that will expand your personal presence can be a little more challenging.

Tips for Finding the Best Writing Opportunities

    1. See the pay check. A job that pays great money but gives you no personal exposure is not always the best route for developing writing opportunities. Sometimes that small paycheck on an up and coming website could be the better path.

    2. Ask for the job. Successful salesmen learn early in their careers that to get the sale you have to ask for the sale. Sometimes to get the job, you have to ask for the job. Any time that you hear someone talking about their company website, personal website or other online endeavors, offer your services (having business cards handy helps).

    3. Know the community. The more people see your face around the niche that you write about then the more they will think of you when a need arises. Visit forums, chat rooms, conferences and develop a presence on the social networking tools.

    4. Create a contact page for your blogs and other websites. The words that you put out for the world to read is great advertisement for your writing career but it is pointless if people have no way to get in touch with you to hire you for a writing job. Make hiring you as easy as point and click. There are a number of plugins and software available for creating a contact button or page.

The more action I put behind my writing career then the farther I can take that career. Successful freelance writing does not fall into my lap. It has to be pursued, courted and nurtured if it is to flourish.

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