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Writing Through the Chaos of Life


Today cries out for me to block out the world. Reality tells me its not possible but still complete peace and quiet would be nice for my writing. Sometimes chaos drives away my muse instead of driving her to dance. Today she hides away and I think she’s laughing at me.

Finding Ways to Work in Chaos

    1. Earphones are a wonderful tool for blocking out the chaos around me. I can keep them turned down enough that I can “hear” what is going on around me so that the children don’t tear down the house. But the noise is subdued enough that I can focus. It’s also a great way to work in a little praise music into my day.

    2. Walk away – literally. Things can get a bit too crazy with three boys in the house and me trying to work in the center of it all. Sometimes it’s better for everyone if we take it outside. My mind has a chance to clear and regroup and the boys burn off some energy.

    3. Baby steps can be the best way to get through the projects. I try not to think of the entire length of an article but tackle one point, one paragraph or one page at a time.

    4. Get a buddy. The only problem with having someone that works online with you is that if they don’t show up then it can make getting started even more difficult. But having a cheering section can make life so much easier – particularly on days like today.

    5. Find the down times. Even with three boys there are quiet moments in my home. I have to remember to use the crazy times to focus on research and other mindless endeavors and save the meat of my writing for the times when the peace is overwhelming (usually during naps or after bedtime).

There is always a reason to not write and if I waited for the perfect moment then I would never get anything done. Finding creative ways to work through the chaos until the moments of quiet are opened for my muse to dance means that the excuses can’t stop me any more.

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