Open to Blessings Given and to Be Given

Be open to blessings. The things you share, the words you send out, and the smile you give may be the very thing a heart needs to make it through (and it may even be your own heart that is in need of that blessing moment).

“Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

power in hope

The reminder came from an unexpected place at an unexpected moment (which is why you need to be open to blessings from unexpected directions) – but isn’t that just how God works? You are going along, doing what you know to do, and God pours blessings over you when you needed it (and didn’t even know how much you needed it).

I don’t talk much about the pain of missing others. My focus remains on the comfort of knowing where they are now. It doesn’t fill the hole in my heart but does warm the space a little.

The hole that remains may be the reason that I often stare out at the night sky – and why I enjoy watching meteor showers. It’s like the Little Prince so eloquently reminded, “in one of the starts I will be living and in one of the stars I will be laughing . . . so when you look up at the stars at night, you and only you will have stars that can laugh.”

I have stars that can laugh, and the makes it all a little bit better.

But when things get tough in the world, it can be hard to hear the laughter. When the people around me – whose holes are deeper and wider because of more loss than I could imagine – I struggle to keep my focus on the stars and the darkness gets darker. When tough times have pushed me down and block out my view of the stars then I can’t hear what I can’t see.

In those moments, if I listen for the still small voice, then God shows up – through a cool breeze, the perfect song on the radio, or a friend sharing a verse unexpectedly on a social media thread. I find my way to be open to blessings, however, those blessings might show up.

The holidays are full of lights and singing, and tinsel, and food, and brightly wrapped gifts, but for many that hole of absent loved ones threatens to steal the joy and peace.

Keep an eye open for those moments when you can be the fountain that God pours out over the heart. Keep your heart open to reaching out and touching the hearts of others.

Open to Blessing

Keep Joy Standing Strong

  • Share your Faith – Faith goes viral and expands with each encounter. A simple share can end up carrying peace around the world.
  • Act now – don’t wait until tomorrow. When you see a hurt now or you encounter your own “laughing star” moments – share! Now is when others need to experience what you have to offer.
  • Be open – open to share but also open to receiving. The best gift you give others is being blessed by what they have to give.

You are the reflection of God to the world. Let your light so shine before men that they see your actions and your attitude and give glory to God.

Be blessed,
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(and in all you do, be a blessing).

Take a moment to share with someone – or share here – a word of encouragement, a link to some inspiration, or just affirmation and a smile.

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