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79 – Prepare to Make the Leap with 5 Points from Growing HOPE

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Monday, December 23, 2019

Quote of the Day

“You have to choose action even when you don’t want to choose act because it is up to you.” – Kathryn Lang

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Moment of HOPE

Prepared to Make the Leap

It is up to you to live your life. It is up to you to get done what you know to get done. It is up to you to move if you want to reach your desired destination.

The don’t want tos will show up now and then – sometimes they hang around when you aren’t feeling well. Sometimes they slide in with the sound of the rain on a cold winter day. Sometimes they trumpet their way in with the inactions (or the not the way I wanted them actions) of others.

No matter how they get there, the don’t want tos don’t have to win.

Choose action even when the don’t want tos tell you otherwise.

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Practice Much Doing

If you are going to live out your place in purpose, then you have to stop investing in much doing.

1. Define what needs doing.
2. Break it down into little bits.
3. Make a purposeful choice to do one little bit.
4. Keep investing in the little bits.

The more you practice the little bits the more they will add up to getting much done.

Daily Challenge - prepare to Leap

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 23
Colossians 3 – 4
Revelations 13 – 14
Luke 7 – 9

Scripture Focus:

“Set your mind on the things above – keep a God focus.” – from Colossians 3:2

Ponder Point:

The thing you focus on will be the thing you find and the thing that directs your journey. Make the intentional investment to focus on God and God will be your lead.

Share Moment:

Evaluate your time and see where your focus lies

Scripture Focus - Colossians 3-2

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Place in Purpose

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place in purpose

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

#GrowingHOPE Daily - H79 – Prepared to Make the Leap

79 – Prepared to Make the Leap

You have a unique place in purpose. The more you understand your uniqueness the stronger you will be for stepping out into that place. You have defined your why, the what, the how, and now the when of that place in purpose.

    Growing HOPE Daily - 5 points - 79 – Prepared to Make the Leap

    The ability to go comes in the recognition that you don’t have to know it all to make a move today. You position yourself to take the leap into your place in purpose when you make the choice to choose action.

  • Point One: Accept the past. Learn from where you’ve been, but refuse to hold on to it (or to let it hold on to you). What was is done and shouldn’t be allowed to dictate what is now.

  • Point Two: Deal with today. If you don’t start now then you’ll never start. Now is what you have so use it well.

  • Point Three: Prepare for tomorrow. Put a plan into place so that you can be ready to make the most of tomorrow.

  • Point Four: Do all that you can do. All you can do is all that you can do, but you can do so much more than you give yourself credit for doing.

  • Point Five: Limits of Your All. You are made for so much more than what you see before you. You are designed to thrive and to launch into your extraordinary.

You may not know it all, but you know enough to take a step. Each step you take brings you one stop closer to where you need to be. The more you understand the better you will be positioned to make the leap into your design.

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