Theme Change on a Blog

Learning Html is not my priority in life. There always seems like there are more important things that MUST be done and usually right this moment. I actually know just enough Html to get me and my website into trouble (and to annoy the folks that host my blogs).

It would be nice to find an existing theme that has all of the side bar additions that I want, the perfect color scheme and the RSS feed already in place – oh, and it would have to be free of course. I’m not asking too much am I?

The only way to get that perfect theme that I want without shelling out money to someone else it to design it myself. This is going to require some Html knowledge, I haven’t found away around it just yet.

Every time I take the plunge and dig in to design my own pages, I get tired, frustrated or just burned out. Designing a blog theme is NOT as easy as writing the articles for that blog for me. I spend hours fiddling with a theme only to give up and go back to what I started with. Some days I spend hours going through the WordPress free themes trying out new ones only to go back to the one I started with in the first place.

Is the theme really all that important? Grizzly over at Make Money Online for Beginners says no. I think that a clean, basic theme that makes it easy for the readers is good enough, but I want to push my site to the next level. So I change themes. Not every day or even all that often, but when the energy to tackle the Html surges I take advantage of it.

How important is the theme to you as a reader and as a writer?

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  • Hi Kathryn –

    By theme, do you mean the blog title, skin, and general design? Tekeme Studios did my blog skin. They were great and very reasonable. We worked together to get a design that was right for me.

    As far as my blog title, I prayed. I also asked other people. And prayed again. I finally came up with Christian Writer/Reader Connection. Connection is my heart, bringing people together and sharing our love of God, writing, and reading.

    Hope this helps.

    Susan 🙂

  • Hey Susan,

    Yes – I guess that is what I’m talking about. There are an untold number of designs that you can choose for your blog (many are free). I was just curious if others found it a help for getting more readers or if it was just something extra we pile on ourselves for no real reason.