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Keeping On the Path for My Unique Journey

We are all unique. Repeat that with me please. We are all unique.

I can share with you my journey. I can tell you all about my experiences. I can even show you research on the topic. But none of that will change the fact that your journey will be unique to you because YOU are unique.

I found myself climbing back into the box the other day. Things had been moving along at a nice clip and then all of a sudden I ran into a wall. I could have stepped back to see what landed me face first in that wall. I should have stepped back. Once step back can sometimes be the best way to take the next step forward.

Instead, I decided to listen to the directives of others. I willing climb into the box because I had been pushing and pushing and quite honestly I was tired of pushing. I wanted breakthrough and I wanted it to happen on my timetable.

For the record – you do not get breakthrough by climbing into a box.

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It only took a moment for me to recognize what I had done. I kicked down the walls of the box. I stepped back from the original wall and I thought about it for a moment. It looked solid enough. It looked formidable as well.

A shimmer caught my eye and I smiled. It was a reflection. The wall was not as big as I had first perceived. Had I not taken that step back then I would never have been able to see the illusion that had been crafted to make its appearance seem impossible to overcome.

With my new focus, I took a different step, this time around the box, and then I was back on my journey. My answer did not come with that one step around. I still am pushing and stepping each day. Overcoming that wall just reminded me that I need to be aware of all of my steps so that I avoid walls in the future. It also reminded me that I need to step back for a moment before I give in and climb back into the box.

There will be times when I need to reach out to others when I am tired of pushing and I need that boost of encouragement. I can receive their wisdom and even accept their advice, but I can never allow their journey to become my own.

My journey is unique – and as long as I keep repeating to myself that it is unique then I will always be in the position that will keep me away from the box.

Be blessed,

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