Forget Being Reasonable – It is Time for Radical

We just want to have some reasonable choices made in this situation. That was the idea that was presented to me, and it was not presented in a way that was negative or hurtful.

I took offense. How dare they stand there and tell me to make reasonable choices or to do things reasonable. Reasonable is ordinary.

I am NOT ordinary.

1-19-15 take the bold path

I kept my thoughts to myself because I recognized that some people prefer to rest in the shadows of ordinary. They want to hold on to the delusion that they are normal. It is not my job to convince them of the error of their ways – nor do I think for a moment that I possibly could enlighten then.

They are NOT normal – but they play it every day – and playing at normal makes they feel comfortable and safe.

It might have been interesting to stand up on the table and declare the value of a radical life – actually, I am certain it would have been interesting. Just thinking about the scene right now makes me smile. They squirm. They shift in their seats. Some of them even look away. All of them or either thinking or mumbling “she is not normal.”

[tweetthis]I’m okay not being normal. Let’s even kick it up a notch. I want to live a radical life.[/tweetthis]

And I am okay not being normal. As a matter of fact, I want to kick it up a notch. I want to live a radical life.

Steps to the Radical Life

    – Stop thinking about the limitations. The radical life is reaching for the possibilities at all times and not looking around for the limits to the situations.

    – Plan for bigger than expected. Instead of saying we would like more but we are going to try to get less, start off going for more and pursue even higher limits than that.

    – Keep on going. Action begets actions. Once you step out into the radical action, just keep on stepping.

It may not be the answer to everything, but it will get me closer. It is time for radical moves to extraordinary living.

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Are you ready?

Be blessed,


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