Quot eof the Day - Thursday

Quote of the Day – Every Moment Counts

Quote of the day for Thursday, June 29, 2017

“Every moment counts. Time, once spent, can never be reclaimed.”
– Kathryn

Quote of the Day - Every Moment Counts

Every moment counts.

Time matters.

Seconds slip away and minutes melt into nothing.

Too often I get caught up in the “I’ll just do it tomorrow” syndrome. I put it off. I decide to start at a more convenient time. I hesitate or I procrastinate.

The time is now because now is the time I have.

Every moment I wait to start is a moment wasted. It would be like sitting around a campfire throwing dollar bills in the flames. Nothing comes from it and the money is gone.

The difference is that I can make more money. I can never make more time. Time spent is gone for good – no matter how I chose to spend that time.

Every moment counts and I have to make the choice to make the most of every moment.

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