Quote of the Day for Wednesday

Quote of the Day – Be the Chord that Completes the Song

Quote of the day for Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sometimes it is that one chord that makes the song just right. Be that chord. – Kathryn

Quote of the Day - Part of the Song

It can be easy to quit. I want to quit because I’m not getting what I want. I want to quit because this is not like I thought it would be. I want to quit because it’s taking to long.

There are a lot of “I’s” cluttering up the path.

My love of words should not (and cannot) be all about me. If it was, I would put them on paper and hide them in the drawer. They are for the passing on of hope and courage (and in that passing on to grow hope and courage in me as well). It is in the sharing that they are completed.

The gifts and talents are in my life to be shared despite the vulnerable place it may put me. They are not to be buried away and protected.

When I remember that, I can be a part of the song. When I am part of the song, I am part of the solution.

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