Growing HOPE

Encouragement from Vanessa Davis Griggs

Sometimes I need reminding that it will be okay. I know in my heart that things will work out but I need something outside of self to help reinforce that understanding.

I have heard many people say that social media has been destroying the connections that people used to build. For me, social media has opened up new and amazing doors of connections and sometimes these connections are what get me through.

Vanessa Davis Griggs provides amazing words of hope and encouragement on her Facebook posts – she is also a bundle of smiles and inspiration when you have the chance to talk with her. That touch of encouragement is sometimes the best part of my day.

It can be easy to get lost in the internet. It can be just as easy to get lost in a crowd. It is not always about where I find the encouragement but that I make the investment to grow up that encouragement for my life.

This week on Growing HOPE Radio – the CWA Broadcast – I repeat my visit with Vanessa Griggs for that boost of encouragement.

Be blessed,


What ways do you boost your encouragement? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Learn more about Vanessa Griggs by vising her website – and you can purchase your copy of Ray of Hope in electronic or paperback edition today.

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