Changing Views Changes Possibilities

I attended the event with the expectation that I knew more than the speaker. He had all but proclaimed the fact in a previous discussion. I still went because I felt that I needed to go (you, know that twinge in the back of your mind that says “I know it makes no sense but it is the right thing”).

The presentation started and I recognized immediately that I had been right. I started going through my mind all of the things that I could have been doing or that I should have been doing. I began to write and to plot and all the while I was listening to the ideas and suggestions that the speaker offered.

I engaged about something that I had learned recently and he acknowledged the idea but went on. Actually, I thought I had annoyed him because of the tone that he had taken. I continued my process of writing and outlining and listening.

Somewhere between my choice to engage and my choice to listen (and in listening to learn) something amazing happened. I made a connection. That connection grew up into something more and who knows where that something more may lead.

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My bible study the next morning echoed my experience. “You cannot method your way into God’s purpose for your life.”

That was what I had expected from the seminar – a new method or plan that would push me to my place. I was reminded that it is not the method or the plan but the One that had my focus. If I attend anything (even the same lecture or seminar over and over) then the lack of learning is not on the teacher but on me.

Changing Views
Changing Views to Change Possibilities

If I seek to learn then I will find learning and learning will offer a return for my investment – although sometimes the ways are unexpected and with a new twist for my journey.

This world will always have a certain way of doing and saying and being – but I am not confined to those ways. When I choose to adjust my focus to God’s will for my life then I learn – yes, even from the world – and I am blessed because the focus is really all that matters.

In your patience (constant endurance and unswerving, deliberate purpose) possess ye (acquire or procure) your soul (your breath of life or the vital force of your being).” Luke 21:19

I may not understand it all, but that is not what I am supposed to do anyway. I am supposed to invest in knowing the One and then trust in the path that He provides.

Be blessed,


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