Staying True to the Path

My Friday post over at Author Haven, The Best Reason to Write, focused on the path I had been taking and was now taking in my journey to become a successful writer and speaker. The new journey has been on my heart for several weeks.

Sunday I stood up in front of the Sunday School class where I was guest teaching and spoke about the importance of choosing the path God has instead of the path I want. One of the examples I used was how when I wake up late the first thing to go is my quiet time with God, even though I KNOW that having my quiet time makes the day better.

Be careful what you say.

This morning I woke up late. It was not one of those “lates” where you can just have cereal for breakfast instead of cooking and be caught up. Before I got out of bed this morning I had fallen two hours behind schedule.

The temptation was great, but I remembered my words from yesterday and I made God my priority. So my day went smooth and easy.


Everything in the natural world seemed predetermined to knock me off balance. The weather, the public school schedule (even though we home school), and my husband were all conspiring to make my life difficult. My choice to put God first backfired.

Just when I had all I could take, an email popped into my box. Susan, who visits Successful Freelance Writer regularly and is always a blessing, had visited Author Haven and commented on that post. She also took the time to send me a personal email. The words encouraged my heart and reminded me that when I put God first then HE will manage the rest.

The world makes things look chaotic. Society sets up the rules of the game. People determine who wins and who loses. But I am not locked into the things of this world. I am a daughter of God and as long as I am walking His path then He has already prepared the victory.

Never give in. The Right path always has the results that you seek. It may not seem that way at any given moment, but hold to the promise and the Truth will be revealed.

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