Just a Little Bit of Change – Six Weeks to Better Choices

My 8 Week Health and Wellness Challenge finished up on Sunday. For eight weeks, I invested just a little bit to try and get a little bit closer to my goals. Some weeks were outstanding – those weeks where I focused my energy on accomplishing that just a little bit. Most weeks were okay, because I allowed circumstances and distractions to determine my path.

Even with my struggles, I still saw change. I know that if I continue to invest that “just a little bit” then I will get to that destination that I desire.

BUT . . . it will take a purposeful choice each and every day.

I read somewhere that to develop a habit you had to do something every day for 21 days and that to make it a natural part of your life you had to do it for 42 days. I started a determined work out the second week into my 8 Week challenge. That means that I have been getting up every morning for the last six weeks (now going on seven weeks) and doing my bible study and a work out.

It is not as natural as breathing for me. Yesterday I walked outside to be smacked in the face with the humidity and the voice in my head said, “It might be better to do this later.” This morning I walked outside into the chilly air and the voice in my head said, “It might be a good idea to take the day off.”

Although it is not as natural as breathing, I have found that the voice in my head is not as loud as it once was. I find it easier to uncover a reason to keep going instead of latching on to the reason to stop. It is still a choice – each moment – but each choice is helping make the next choice a little easier.

I know that even just a little bit, invested in with consistency, brings about change (even if it is just a quieter inner procrastinator). Today, I started my “Better Choices Challenge.” For the next six weeks, I choose to think about how I am fueling my body and how I am investing my time. That is the extent of this challenge – just two factors.

Now I plan to continue doing my little bit of reading, my little bit of exercising and my little bit of sunning. I just know that I need to push myself a little bit farther if I want to get to that desired success.

Care to join me?

What “just a little bit” are you determined to tackle over the next six weeks (remember that is the amount of time it is supposed to take to make an actions “natural”)? Choose something to do instead of not to do because this challenge is as much about action as it is about change.

I look forward to hearing your ideas and also to hear more about your own challenge journey.

Be blessed,

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