Think Differently

The rain poured down and threatened to ruin the day. I knew we needed the rain, but I had plans. I tried to make the most of the wet morning by scrambling around inside and tackling the last minute details.

Most mornings, I start my day with a cup of coffee on the back porch. This particular morning, I was too busy to make the time.

The more I scrambled, the more I found I needed to do – and the harder the rain fell. I finally took a break and in my break I wandered out to the back porch with my coffee. The rain continued to fall, but the sun broke through the clouds in a spot out over the trees.

In that instant, I had crystals falling from the sky and collecting on the leaves of those trees to reflect that escaped sunlight. The view stunned me into silence (not an easy task under the best of circumstances). I recognized in that scene the awe that could spark imaginations and create magical worlds.

The clouds closed their ranks and the crystals became rain once again. The sun was determined. I sat on that porch and watched as it continued to paint crystal worlds in the wet woods only to be shut out again.

I forgot about the scrambling I had been doing. I emmersed myself in the recurring scene of sparkling wonder and I began to think differently about it all. I would have missed the magic if I had stayed focused on the rain that was hindering my plans.

The rain would not have ruined my day. I may have had to make adjustments, but my brother and his family would still have arrived and we would still have had a wonderful visit. I was too busy fussing about my own expectations that I almost missed the bigger picture.

I may not like the weather at times, but liking is not what is important. I have to see with new eyes, new life, and new perspective if I want to unlock all of the possibilities that abound for those willing to look.

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