21 Days to a Clean Home

How I feel is no reason for not doing what I know to do. It IS an excuse, but those are a dime a dozen and don’t really mean anything. The truth is that if I’ll just do what I know to do then it usually over comes my feelings anyway.

I’ve challenged my family (veiled attempt at challenging my husband) to follow the chore chart for 21 days in a row. According to some expert I read somewhere, if you do something for 21 days then it becomes a habit. I figure if I can get my whole clan to do the chores on the list everyday for 21 days then I won’t have to nag them any more.

Times like that (when I put them in print) help me see just how delusional I am.

Delusional or not, I’m still going to attempt to form some kind of consistency in my family.

1. Use a timer to clock the chore time. A specific amount of time at a specific point in the day with the challenge to do as much as you can in that time – EVERYONE participates (which means mom will have to quit writing!).

2. Focus on baby steps. Instead of pushing them for the 21 days, we can start at just one day. After a week of getting a “treat” for consistently doing it each day we will move it out to a week (and a bigger treat). After a couple of weeks of being consistent with the week then we will move it to a month (that’s even MORE than what “they” say sets a good habit).

3. Be an example. It doesn’t motivate anyone when I sit at the computer working while yelling at them through the house. I need to pick up a broom or mop or rag and get to work. If I am will to work and make it fun then the kids will jump on in. It’s the dictatorship that they rebel against.

4. Reality has to come into the picture. We live in the woods (dirt and sand seem to jump right through any open door). We have pets (pet fur wads together under a standing piece of furniture in the attempt at creating new animals. It doesn’t matter how often you sweep, the fur will find each other). We have kids (do I really have to explain?). The house will never be prefect for more than a few minutes (unless the kids are away). It is lived in and will show it, but that is okay.

Our family can reach a place of consistency. We are already on the way (we just don’t do EVERYTHING consistently). By this time next year, the house will be lived-in clean, clutter free, and ready for company at the drop of a hat!

See – I really am delusional. 😉

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  • Good luck. It’s a constant battle isn’t it? I did find a website that looks useful at chorebuster.net

    you create your chore list, and set a difficulty level and the website will automatically divvy up the jobs and send you a chore schedule each week.