DIY Project – Operation Back Porch

It begins with a vision. I see the elements of possibility, maybe left over from a previous activity or maybe on a Facebook post of a sale or giveaway. Something sparks and I know that I could make it new, make it different, or just make it.

The pallets were only the beginning for me. I knew the moment that I followed through with picking up the pallets that this would be a summer of adventure. My middle son enjoys the crafty side of things, and I think that was his biggest reluctance for heading off to camp to work. He wanted to be in on the DIY fun he could see gleaming in my eyes.

This week, I am tackling the back porch. It seemed to get its feelings hurt when it saw was a great job we did on the front porch. I am not buying anything for this job – I HOPE. I may need to get some lumber to make the legs of the frame for the bar – we shall see.

The main point of this DIY project is to make the most of the space and the items that are there.

Goals of Back Porch DIY Project

    1. Create a crafting space. We already have crafting accessories stored on the back porch, but normally we get them out and take them back inside so that we can work. For this section, I intend to relocate the cabinets and counter tops to create a spacious work space. Who knows, I might even add some extra lighting.

    2. Create a wet/dry area. The kids have a habit of getting out of the pool and sitting down on the rocking chairs to eat . . . WET. That means that the cushions on the rocking chairs have to dry out for several days before we can use them without getting wet ourselves. By creating seating that they can use wet, I can keep the other seating dry for adult (and non-pool usage).

    3. Create a workout area. We have the weights. We have other work out items. We just need the space to make it possible to use them. I may have to make a purchase for this space if I want it to be matted, but still looking at the possibilities.

DIY can take all kinds of forms. It is not just about tiling the bathroom or building cabinets. Sometimes the best DIY project takes the spaces that you have now and turns it into something that is beyond your wildest imagination.

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