Provision and Protection Perfect Love Trait Three

Feeling safe and secure should be a normal part of every life. Most people struggle to find these elements in each day. The perfect love promises to fulfill the needs but even more important that the promise is the reality of the completion of provision and protection.

God Always Provides and Protects

    1. God gives me protection by covering me with His wing. Not only does His covering protect me but it also comforts me.

    2. God provides for my every need, want and desire. Those that delight in Him receive their desires of their hearts.

    3. God offers just enough but according to His terms. Just enough for the King is different than that of the servant. God desires for me to live in HIS just enough.

    4. God takes care of His followers. He will never leave us or forsake us because He is always with us.

The perfect love is one that will provide protection and provision to His love. God desires you to be that love. Are you ready to live in the admiration of the Father and there abide in His protection and Provision?

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