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10 Days from Idea to Launch

I had the chance to sit in on a webinar offered through the Author Hangout. I love finding new ways to connect and learn . . . and finding new people to connect with and learn from.

This show was with Tim Grahl and he shared ideas about starting a business. I recently made a plan with Katharine Grubb of the 10 Minute Novelist fame, and I think the 10 days plan that Tim presented could be easily adjusted to help us launch our plan.

10 Steps in 10 Days

Day One

It starts with a plan. If you want to get somewhere or if you want to accomplish something then you have to know what or where. Katharine and I have kicked around ideas, but if we will sit down and make a specific plan then we will be one step closer to our desired success.

[tweetthis]To be #successful building anything, you first need to have a blueprint for what you’re building.[/tweetthis]

Day Two

We are not alone. It is good to see what others are doing in their journey. Once you see what they are doing you determine if it will work for you and then find a way to implement it.

Day Three

Create the brand or image. Katharine and I need to determine who we are and what we are within this new venture. This should include a name, titles, logos, and other identifying marks. We want people to know us as individuals and also within this new plan.

Day Four

Put it in writing. Tim said to incorporate the business (since he was talking about creating a new business) but for our venture we will probably put down in writing what we are doing, how we are doing it and what is expected from each of us.

Day Five

Count the cost. It is important to know how much the business, the journey, or the plan is going to cost. It may be only an estimate (or a best guestimate) but having an idea about the cost of doing business will allow me and Katharine to set up a budget to meet those costs.

Day Six

Activate the army. There are people out there that care about the success of Katharine, my own success, and the success of the two of us together. These are the people that we need to begin telling about the venture so that they get excited about what is to come.

Day Seven

Spread the word. We all understand that word of mouth still provides the greatest advertising benefits. Katharine and I will need to begin telling the media – in our case the SOCIAL media – about the venture. Writing out a press release will help us in this effort.

Day Eight

No excuses. It can be scary when you first start out and you may make mistakes but the biggest mistake is often the default of apologizing for being new. It is important that Katharine and I both recognize our gifts for the venture and hold each other up so that we can act like we know we are.

Day Nine

Get to getting’. It takes action, no matter what the “it” may be. Katharine and I both have a lot to do and to keep doing if we are going to make this a success.

Day Ten

Have a party. Katharine and I both love to celebrate and the launch of a new joint venture will be the PERFECT excuse. We can plan a part, giveaways, and maybe even some other surprises to get others involved and excited about this new step in our journey.

It may be that we follow this day by day. It may be that some of the days need a little more mulling time. It may be that some days are combined. The key is to get the ideas and then make them work for you.

Be sure to be listening out for the announcement for this new venture. In the meantime, stop in at the Author Hangout to get more amazing tips and ideas for growing your writing career. You can also visit Katharine’s website to learn more about her or to order a copy of 10 Minute Novelist today.

Be blessed,


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