Make it Work Moment – Day Two

I know that if I want to keep my family off fast food and I want to create time for me to do all that I need to do AND I want to ensure that we aren’t eating bagged convenience foods, then I have to plan and prep.

In the past, I created four “week menus” and I would just rotate through these menus – it kept me from having to make a menu every week and from having to stare at the pantry every meal trying to figure out what to cook.

In the past, I have prepped meals for two days and then put casseroles, pies, meatloaves, crock pot meals, and patties in the freezer to be used up in the weeks ahead.

In the past, I have browned meats, chopped veggies, and premixed doughs – mostly to freeze, but some to sit in the refrigerator until they were needed.

All of these have worked for us, so my make it work moment for today is to take all of these and combine them together – starting with the plan.

I started out with categories – pasta, veggie, beef, pork, chicken, and fish. Next, I went through and found recipes or ideas for at least eight different dishes for each category – and I marked if I could freeze them (because I will make sure to multiply those when I make them up).

It may take a couple of weeks to get this all together – but when I am done I will have four “week long” menu plans that I can rotate out, freezer meals to make the menus easier to implement, AND components of meals that will make meal time go faster.

Are you making it work?

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