Ode to the Snakes – Take a New Look

“Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?”

Indiana was not the first to bemoan the general yuckiness of the slithering creatures.

My friend posted that she had planned to spend the day in the garden only to have her plans crushed by the appearance of a small garter snake. “I just could not keep working with him watching me.”

The line of conversation in her feed proved that many people have distaste for snakes. After all, the bible does say that snakes are not to be trusted, right?

Not exactly. Jesus even tells us to be wise as a serpent when He is reminding us about being out in the world.

My grandfather had a soft spot for snakes. He taught his grandchildren from an early age to appreciate the beauty of snakes but also to remember that anything with a mouth can bite so we were also to be careful.

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I sat on my front porch and watched the largest timber rattler I have ever seen debate its path. It was wondering into the territory of our friendly neighborhood king snake and the rattler had apparently caught the scent of the king. The brilliance of the colors on that rattler made me want to leave him to travel his weary path. The danger he posed for my son that liked to wander the same path ended up winning and I had my husband end the journey of the rattler.

Normally, we leave the snakes to go on their way. They serve a purpose. When I am mindful of them – when I am considerate of them and careful not to tread on them – then we find ways to live together.

Snakes are beautiful and snakes are purposeful and snakes are dangerous . . . even that little garter snake can and will bite if threatened. The way that I view snakes is not changed by the snake, but by my own vision.

Be blessed,


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